The Interactive Football App for Playbook Study & Player Retention.

Touchdowns & Touchscreens
MobileQB is a unique iPhone® App designed for football Quarterbacks studying team playbooks in real-time scenarios. The MobileQB App is available as an add-on to the Digital Playbook Suite of Mobile Apps.

Real-time Play Calling

MobileQB is an innovative Sports Team App designed for Apple's iPhone. Team Quarterbacks can study plays in real-time, while on the sidelines or in practice. Plays are sorted and listed using several filters.

Drag n' Drop

Coaches simple drag n' drop "play cards" (as JPG or PNG files) into the QB team folder and MobileQB syncs to retrieve the newly-designed plays.

virtual coach "Siri"

MobileQB can integrates with Apple's Siri. MobileQB locally stored play data and tabulates key responses depending on: app usage, popular defensive formations, most viewed plays, or tendencies.

How THE Mobile QB APP Works

The MobileQB™ App installs on Apple's iPhone® 4 and 5 with a minimum of iOS5. Coach can remotely (via iPad or iPhone) drop individual "play cards" within MobileQB's admin portal. MobileQB syncs the Quarterback's iPhone with the new plays. Swipe from play to play, shake the iPhone to shuffle the order of the plays and use iPhone's built-in "Siri" as a virtual coach. Siri uses play data and playbook tendencies to suggest plays based on past formations.

MobileQB App